Mom's Club



Welcome to our Mother's Club! This is the official website for The Parent Connection sponsored playgroup serving moms located in the Encinitas/Carlsbad area of San Diego. We have over twenty-five members now and twenty-five babies! Children range in age from 14 months to 23 months.

It's 2004 now & we're excited enjoying this new year together. Many of the moms in our group have become great friends & we look forward to making even more as new members join.

A little history...

Our playgroup started back in November of 2002. I was around 20 weeks pregnant and had just moved to the San Diego area from New York City. Worried about pregnancy blues, I knew I had to make some friends fast. After a prenatal areobics class at the YMCA, I made an announcement to the girls that I was starting a club & offering lunch. All ten girls agreed to come! We had such a great time we agreed to make it a weekly activity, hence, the birth of the mother's club.

Since November, we have enjoyed wathcing one another give birth, celebrated each child's developmental milestones and basked in the fun of friendship. We have had several Mom's Night Out's now, both involving food and drink (!!). We have also had a great Halloween party, a dinner with the dads, a visit to a nursing home and an incredible Holiday party!

Please take a moment to learn about our great group through this website. Use to links to the right to navigate around. You can find out where our next meeting will be held on the Meeting Schedule link. We meet every Monday at 4 pm. More photos will be posted soon...

Thanks for visiting!

Meredith Grueskin
Playgroup Captain